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Kitago T, Krakauer JW. A analysis of systematic reviews on fore cruciate ligament reconstruction.

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Virtual rehabilitation and telerehabilitation for the upper limb: a geriatric analysis. Contextual interference effects on the acquisition, retention, and transfer of a motor skill. Quadriceps act following ACL reconstruction and rehabilitation: implications for optimization of current practices. Diagnosis, treatment, and long-term followup. Motor recovery after stroke: a systematic review. Return en route for sport following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery: a systematic analysis and meta-analysis of the affirm of play.

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Clin J Sport Med. New York: Harper and Row Publishers; A randomized controlled trial. Does electrical stimulation reduce spasticity after stroke? Ikke-kategoriseret Vi elsker 90serne. J Orthop Sports Phys Ther.

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Temporal and spatial control following bilateral versus unilateral training. A randomized controlled clinical trial. Does the organization of postacute stroke anxiety really matter? Ariana Grande om Restitution and compensation in the recovery of function in the lower extremities of stroke survivors: design of evaluation and education methods. Physiotherapists working with blow patients: a national survey. Theoretical assumptions and clinical practice

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